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RCERO Ljubljana /  product & interior design of the administrative building

Conceptual furniture and interior design upgrade from waste materials of the Regional Center for Waste Management (RCERO) Ljubljana. Reception, dining room, waiting room, terrace, conference and meeting room. Throughout the project we reused/upcycled 500 pallet boards, 16 chairs, 7 table lights, more than 20 metal wheel rims, 5 bathtubs, a cupboard, 8 drawers, 4 metal barrels, 80 beer and wine bottles, more than 400 paper tubes, 70m of used construction wooden beams and more than 15kg of old newspaper.

Author /  Katja Keržan

Co-workers /  Jurij Vahtar, Aleš Zorko, Kenan Jašarevic

Photo copyright /  Jure Gacnik, Trash Design

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