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JEKO /  interior & product design of the lobby 

Functional-gallery reception, public utility company. The central element - the bench consists of 38 discarded enameled pots, a table of 6 expansion vessels and / or water heaters, the recliner is made of 3/4 bathtub, baskets for separate waste collection from old enameled containers for fat storage, enameled pots as information carriers content for citizens, part of the wall is covered with old parquet, restored and re-stacked in the so-called herringbone, and part of it from various handmade waste from BORN Atelier concept bags. 22 tin cans form the ceiling installation.

Author /  Katja Keržan

Co-workers /  Jurij Vahtar, Aleš Zorko

Photo copyright /  Marko Samec

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